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Preparing for surgery and aftercare

Your care is our number one priority. With our consultant-delivered service, we do our best to ensure that the doctors you meet at your outpatient appointment will also carry out your surgery and your follow-up appointments, but this cannot be guaranteed. You can speak to our clinical team 24 hours a day after you have had your surgery by using our Patient Advice Line. It is all part of the Practice Plus Group service.

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Getting prepared for surgery


One of the benefits of being treated at our hospital is our ‘one-stop-service’ for your outpatient appointment. We aim to complete any pre-treatment tests at this appointment, to save you making multiple trips, and our physiotherapists will do their best to assess you at the same time.

If you need to have an appointment to see an anaesthetist for an anaesthetic assessment, you will need to come back for a second appointment. We aim to book a date for your surgery as soon as we have checked your pre-operative test results, on a date that suits you.

Your outpatient appointment is also an opportunity for you to meet the consultant who will perform your treatment. Feel free to ask any questions you wish – you may want to write these down ahead of your appointment. They will explain any special preparations you may need to make before your treatment.

Practice Plus Group offers a free app for physiotherapy exercises involved in preparing for and recovering from orthopaedic surgery. Pocket Physio can be downloaded on iPhones here.

On the day of your treatment/procedure, wear something light and comfortable, and please bring a pair of slippers with you so you can walk to the theatre in comfort.

If you are staying with us, you may want to bring personal toiletries, nightclothes, comfortable footwear as well as slippers, and something to read. Please make sure you bring any medication you routinely take in its original packaging.




When you leave the centre after you have had your treatment, you’ll be given full details of your follow-up care. We will inform your GP that you’ve been discharged from the treatment centre and we will telephone you – usually a couple of days after your treatment – to check that you are recovering well.

It’s crucial to rest and take care of yourself after your treatment.

If you have any worries or concerns, please call us at any time on our Patient Advice Line – 01749 333 600 – to speak to a member of the clinical team.

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Read our reviews on the NHS website

Latest news

Latest news

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